SPA Returns to Africa

SPA first started working with the people of Eastern Equitorial South Sudan in 2015. Back for another fire season, the SPA team arrived in Lopit, South Sudan early February and stayed for 3 weeks. The people of Lopit are very comfortable with fire as it is essential to their lifestyle. They’ll start grass fires to scare out field rats and hunt them, to clear land, and to prepare land for planting. With lack of equipment and water when a fire gets out of control in Lopit it can be devastating. SPA firefighters sprung into action to assist and burn out the village edge.

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Prescribed Fire

With hurricane cleanup complete prescribed fire season is in full force. Recently, Sandpine Alliance has been assisting multiple government and private land owners with Rx fires such as Oakland Nature Preserve and University of Central Florida’s Natural Resource Team.

Sandpine Alliance has experience pulling permits for city, county, state, private landowners, and mitigation banks. We offer complete prescribed fire management from fireline prep to mop-up and everything in between.

Hurricane Irma Cleanup

On September 10th, 2017 Hurricane Irma made direct landfall in Southwest Florida, devastating many cities across the state. Sandpine Alliance was instrumental in the cleanup of several state parks including Delnor Wiggins Pass, Fakahatchee Strand, and Fort Clinch. Sandpine Alliance crew had the honor of working alongside park staff while restoring many of Florida’s beautiful natural resources. Dozens of miles of trails were cleared, roads were restored, and parks were opened due to our work. Hopefully Florida does not have to withstand another disaster such as hurricane Irma in the coming years, but if it does Sandpine Alliance will be ready and willing to help again.

SPA fights West Mims Wildfire

Sandpine Alliance team members were hard at work once again, this time protecting communities in Florida and Georgia from the 150,000+ acre wildfire that originated in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Providing peace of mind to local families and protecting their adjoining acreage was of utmost importance. Thousands of acres of timber forests are the life bread for landowners. Many timber stands essentially serve them for retirement funding or are the fuel for college tuition.

When we arrived on scene the wildfire containment was at a mere 12% and facing severe fire weather conditions. It was with pride and pleasure working long, record hot days that we contributed to this Wildfire’s current 65% containment status.

SPA Fire

Sandpine Alliance has a new addition to the team. We recently completed the build out of our type six fire engine which will now be used for our land management work around Florida and the US. This type six engine will be a resource management work horse, or as they would say in Africa Bucky! We are partnering up with some private landowners as well as the state of Florida to help manage and restore properties around the state. Big things are ahead for SPA, keep an eye out for our next update!

Taking Action

In the US alone 9.8million tons of furniture are thrown out in the trash every year. That’s not 9.8 million pieces but Tons! They are ending up on street curbs, empty lots, and in our landfills. Many of these pieces are still in good or restoreable condition, but still they are being trashed and wasted.

Sandpine Alliance has a plan; we are taking action to turn this trash into treasure and use it for good.

We are opening warehouses around Florida, and eventually the whole country where people can drop off their used and unwanted furniture. We have people who will restore and refurbish them, and then resell the restored pieces. Proceeds from these sales will go to acquiring, restoring and preserving natural lands around the world.

If you have furniture you don’t want anymore don’t throw it out, donate it and we’ll restore its purpose. Take a small step that can make a big difference!

We will post more details soon, on how you can join us. But for now feel free to stop by our original location and home base for this operation and learn more.

Urban Relics at 602 alt 19 Palm Harbor Fl 34683